CERNET-Koncept Launches Digital Media Application

Marketing  09-10-2007

Beijing, China September 10, 2007: CERNET Koncept Network, LTD (CK, Ltd.) a joint venture between Koncept International, Inc and China Educational Research Network (CERNET) announced today the formal release of SHUTTER the Digital Media Player application for their Digital Media Platform serving 1,600 Universities and more than 20 million students, representing 18% of China¡¯s Internet population.


SHUTTER provides multi media applications and content including Video IM, Voice Communication, IPTV and Movies and licensed software including the popular Jiangmin KV antivirus software which is free to SHUTTER users. As well, SHUTTER delivers one to one or broadcast advertising messages to users while capturing critical user data.


By downloading SHUTTER, Students have access to the highest quality voice services, provided free or at a small cost. Advertisers offer free calls in exchange for advertising to students. Currently, SHUTTER also delivers more than 200 channels of IPTV 100,000 + free e-books and more student centric content added weekly. CERNET users enjoy up to 100mb access to applications on the CERNET network. 


Kuang Peng, CEO of CERNET Koncept (CK) said:  ¡°CK is well positioned as the exclusive provider of multimedia applications to China¡¯s future economic engine, the more than 20 million students on the CERNET private network.  Multi-National advertisers wishing to reach this valuable demographic quickly see the benefit of our platform and audience.¡±



About CERNET Koncept Network, Ltd


CERNET KONCEPT NETWORK, LTD, is the developer and provider of Digital Media Services for the Chinese Educational Research Network (CERNET). Principally, it is engaged in developing, operating and delivering these services via Koncept own Digital Media Platform and assets branded Cdream directly to this private network of students across more than 1,600 Universities reaching a community of more than 20 million. With the investment and support from CERNET the holding company who originally installed the fiber network covering ~35,000 KM in China, CK has established an unequalled digital platform to deliver Communication, Content, Advertising and Electronic Commerce (CCAE) to this highly prized demographic of Chinese young consumer market through CDREAM new digital media platform.


About Koncept International, Inc.


KONCEPT was registered in the US, and it has a developing center in Shenzhen. Koncept is a Digital Media Service Provider delivering Advertising supported and pay per use Multimedia services. Koncept has developed and deployed its own Digital Media Platform that delivers Applications including communications (Voice & Video) Content (Movies, Music) Marketing and Research Data Collection. Its Global Platform has Point of Presence in USA, Hong Kong, Beijing and London connects to end users via distributed Media Servers located around the world.


Contact Information:Junying Sun